Sunday, 11 January 2015

Topshop Michael Kors Selma style bag

I've just got home from a bit of a Sunday afternoon shopping over at the retail park and with me is my new Topshop bag.

Topshop belt buckle holdall, black, gold, Michael Kors Selma
My new Topshop bag

When I saw it, I instantly thought of the Michael Kors Selma which I love, but I am not prepared to part with that kind of money on a bag at the moment. The Topshop bag is £40, not the cheapest of high street bags, but I justfied it to myself as I will be using this pretty much every day.

Just to compare the two... What do you think? Similar?

It has the handles that you can see in the picture, as well as a shoulder strap. It zips shut, so it is secure from pick pockets.  Inside is a mobile phone pocket and another zip pocket.

I bought the black with the gold hardware. The is also a nude pink and grey design and a black with rose gold hardware (the store didn't have this - otherwise I probably would have gone rose gold!)

You can find the Topshop bag here.

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