Saturday, 5 October 2013

My New Hair candy - Popband Review


I came across Popband on a blog earlier this week and the review instantly sold it to me.

It's a stylish hair tie, that is meant to be "kind on your hair, cute on your wrist." Popbands are meant to be better for your hair compared to normal hair elastics because they are gentler yet just as strong and they claim to not add a kink to your hair. They are also rather pretty.

I bought the Little Prince Popband which is navy blue with a silver crown (apparently special edition in honour of Prince George). There are a variety of colours with different charms available.

I ordered it Tuesday night and it arrived on Friday in a cute metallic pink Jiffy bag. Not bad for free delivery.

The next day, I tried it out. It is definitely cute and a little bit different to the usual boring hair elastics, so for that alone I would recommend that everyone needs something like this in their lives. On a slightly negative note, it isn't as tight/strong holding as the hair bands I normally use, so my high pony did slip slightly.

In terms of not kinking the hair, it mainly didn't. I don't think you can ever get away with absolutely no kink when putting your hair up, but this was pretty minimalist.

Little Prince

Overall, I really like the concept and design. I will probably by more, as I would like to have a handful of different colours and designs to choose from when putting my hair up.

You can get yours from

Arm candy

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