Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Grooming favourites 2014

Grooming has been high on my agenda in 2014 so I thought I'd share some of my favourite tools of the year with you.

Clockwise: Tangle teezer, Nailene ultra quick drying nail glue, Tweezerman pointed tweezers, GHD stlyer, Stylfile 2

Tangle Teezer
I don't know how I ever survived without one of these. Using a normal brush on my long hair always seems to snag and pull now whereas the tangle teezer is just so smooth and easy. My only gripe is that it is moulded to suit a right handed person and I'm a lefty, which means sometimes as I'm brushing away carelessly I drop it. Bring out the left-handed tangle teezer please.

Nailene quick dry nail glue
This year false nails have become an important part of my dressing up armoury. You can pick up some pretty decent pairs for around the £5 mark and it saves the time and expense of going to the salon for acrylic or gel nails. With this amazing glue, they even last almost as long as the salon ones.

Tweezerman pointed tweezers
I posted about these here when I got them and I still haven't stopped singing their praises. Quality really is the key with grooming products. With these you can pluck the smallest, shortest of hairs without any bother.

GHD stylers
No matter how many different hair tools I try I always come back to my trusty GHDs. They are so versatile with either straightening or curling, in my opinion they can't be beaten.

Stylfile 2
A great quality nail file and buffer in one with a couple of extra tools for your cuticles and other nail maintenance. I wont bother with cheaper alternatives any more.

Happy new year everyone!

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