Sunday, 3 July 2016

Pandora rose collection

The Pandora moments bracelet with the rose gold clasp had been on my wish list for a while. This month I have been marking A level exam papers for an exam board to get some extra cash (and gain an insight of the exam for my teaching), so thought it was time to treat myself for my hard work.

I decided to order the bracelet from the online jeweller John Greed. The reason being that they do free shipping (Pandora website is only free on orders over £75), were offering 8% cash back on Quidco and included all the Pandora packaging, even the gift bag. The downside is the purchase failed to track on Quidco, so I have put in my claim and I'm hoping it goes through. 

I ordered it Monday evening and it arrived Wednesday, so the free delivery was super fast. It was only packed in a Jiffy bag, so I was quite relieved to see there was no damage to the box or gift bag. I'm quite surprised that they didn't pack something like that a bit better.

The bracelet itself looks great. The rose gold clasp really adds a little extra something and it complements my Olivia Burton watch perfectly. 

Now I am just trying to resist buying all the gorgeous charms I want in one go. I'm aiming to go for a theme of alternating silver and rose gold charms with some sparkly bits for good measure.

What charms would you recommend? 

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