Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Fringe Roller by Sleep-In Rollers

The fringe roller:


I love it!

I first saw the fringe roller by Sleep-in Rollers on a Holly Wakeham video and had to try it. Sleep-in Rollers grew massively in 2012 expanding their range from the velcro sleep rollers to all sorts of other hair accessories including the fringe roller.

You may be wondering how it is different from any other standard roller you can buy in the shops? Well, for a start this is much bigger. It's long enough to get your whole fringe around this one roller, so you don't end up with an uneven gap in the middle like if you used two normal rollers. It's also wider than your average roller, to give you more of a wave, rather than a curl on your fringe. Finally, it has a special inner layer that retains heat, which helps give you that amazing curl, just by blasting a bit of hot hair on it, then waiting for it to cool.

You can get your fringe rollers here. I would definitely recommend if you want a big bouncy fringe on the side or in full!

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