Saturday, 9 November 2013

Metallic Sharpie nail art

Each year, a couple of months before my birthday I start making a list of things I'm lusting after. Then when my family ask what I want, I send them the list.

This year, one if the things was the set of three Sharpie metallic markers. But I didn't want these for writing with, no, these were for nail art!

You can paint your nails, let it dry then use the Sharpies to draw intricate designs on your nails. Final step is to cover your art work with a top coat, then you have the finished decorated nails.

I still need to master the top coat as I have smudged it a bit by going over it too much. Really you need to try and do the top coat in one stroke. But with a bit of practice I know I'll get there. 

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