Friday, 15 November 2013

Alex and Ani bangle

During my recent holiday to NYC I made a compulsory trip to Bloomies and wandered round looking at all the beautiful expensive designer clothes I can't afford. Then, on the way towards the escalator on one floor I spotted an Alex and Ani stand.

I have wanted an Alex and Ani bangle for ages since I saw Maira Sparkles post photos of them on Instagram. I think they are harder to get hold of here in the UK though. I was so exciting to see the full range there on a table in front of me, I think my boyfriend wondered what was wrong when I squealed "Alex and Ani" at him.

I was going to go for this one that has the New York skyline on it as a bit of memorabilia from my holiday, but it was a brushed silver so didn't really go with the gorgeous new silver bracelet my boyfriend had bought for my birthday a few days before.

I then spotted the birthday stone bangles which are a shiny silver (or gold), so I went for one of those instead. It's still quite meaningful as we did actually go to New York to celebrate my birthday.

I am now a proud owner and will definitely expand my collection in the future. Knowing me I'll probably still end up getting the NYC skyline at some point as I absolutely love New York.

If you would like to have a little browse, the only place I have found that stocks them in the UK is

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