Friday, 14 March 2014

Original source coconut shower gel

I have moved into a phase in my life where I am obsessing over coconut. Yes, coconut! I am now one of those people who gladly finish the Bounty's left in the box of Celebrations. I am also up for trying anything beauty related that has a coconut scent. 

Once I heard that Original Source had brought out a coconut shower gel, the race was on to get my hands on it. I found it in Asda for £1 (bargain basement).

If you have ever tried other original source shower gels such as the mint one, you will know that they aren't shy about strong smells.

On opening this and taking a sniff, it does smell deliciously coconutty. On first impressions, this made me a happy bunny. It's more of a shower cream than a gel really, which I don't mind and understand from coconut. On first application you breath in the fresh coconut scent. However, when you start to lather it up, it goes to a slightly sickly sweet smell. Disappointingly, on leaving the shower (or bath) there is no lingering scent like you'd get from other washes (like Soap and Glory for example) on your skin. 

In summary, I will use it up, but my first impressions are that of an anti-climax. Can you suggest any other coconut products I might like? 

I could really eat a Bounty right now, mmm.

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  1. I LOVE anything coconut, this is a must have purchase for me! x


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