Saturday, 1 March 2014

Trying to be fit!

This month (March) will see me trying to get fit. I know a lot of people make new year resolutions for exercise, but I can't face it in the cold winter months. But now spring is arriving, the days are getting longer and hopefully the weather is improving it seems like a great time to get into shape for the summer.

Last night I went to the gym - the first time in a year! Strangely I really enjoyed it and realised I had missed the buzz you get from doing some good old fashioned exercise. 

This morning my sister sent me this ... 

... The March ab challenge. 

I shall be trying to stick to this as well as doing the odd bit of gym work, occassional exercise DVD and maybe even an outdoor run or two.

The only downside is that my gym wear is rather outdated. Best head over to Primark this weekend as they have quite a good fitness range. Yayyy for shopping! And yayyy for getting fit!

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