Sunday, 3 August 2014

Holiday prep

A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend and I booked a long awaited late deal holiday. We had discussed it for months, just not committed to it. So finally, we found a 5*, all inclusive to Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. The hotel we've booked is currently ranked 20/200 odd on trip advisor, so can't be bad (fingers crossed!).

Now, those who know me will know that organisation is the key. I'm a worrier by nature. I will worry about every possible realistic and unrealistic situation. I've already had a dream that we missed our flight. So to keep the worrying at bay as best I could, preparation had to start immediately.

Sentido Reef Oasis Senses Resort Sharm El Sheikh Egypt
Our hotel

Bikini body
First up; getting in shape. I will be honest with you, I am a size 8 or sometimes 10 depending on the shop or the day. BUT I do have cellulite on my thighs and bum. This is probably to do with my love of all things sweet; cake, chocolate, cake, chocolate cake, etc. This has always bothered me, but I am even more aware that it's about to be on show to everyone poolside. 

I have been doing two things to tackle this. Firstly, I have been doing Jilian Michael's 30 day shred DVD every other day, building up to every day the week of the trip. I have also been using the My Fitness Pal app to keep track of what I'm eating. It has been quite a learning curve for me as I have discovered that although I often keep within my calorie limit, I tend to eat more "fat" than my recommended daily allowance, and often not enough protein. So I've been trying to cut down on fatty foods and increase my protein intake opting for boiled or poached eggs at lunchtime and chicken for dinner. To be brutally honest, it has been hard and I've pretty much been hungry for a week. But today I noticed that my stomach looks more toned, and yesterday I could have sworn my shirts were looser. I will keep working on this until I leave, and I hope to pick it back up again on my return as I know I do need to eat more healthily.

Part of this also involves me getting my nails done. I can't be doing with nail varnish on holiday. I will book an appointment for the day before we leave for either some french tip falsies or gel nails, depending on how good my nails are at the time.

I've also booked a hair appointment for a trim and a blow dry the day before we leave. I'm loving my long hair, but its been about three months since I last got it cut, so most of my layers have grown out. I'm hoping that having a little trim will help make it more managable. Also, my hairdresser does a beautiful blow dry, so my hair will be looking it's best as we travel out there.

I've have searched the highstreet twice and the retail park once, with little luck, so I moved over to online shopping. A bit of ASOS, Missguided and New Look did the trick. I'm taking dresses, shorts, skirts and nice tops for the evening.

I also bought some of the holiday essentials - suncream, after sun, insect repellant, waterproof mascara.

Today I've had a marathon dress up afternoon. I tried on lots of different outfits for evening wear with different shoes and bags and have narrowed down what I want to take. I say narrowed down, but to be honest, it's probably not that narrow.

Tomorrow I need to make a list of what I want to take and start the serious packing. This also means a trip up to the loft for my travel adaptors.

Next week, I'll show you some holiday outfits.

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