Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Upping my H2O intake

I originally heard of Hydrate M8 on a Velvetgh0st vlog, so when my sister asked for a bottle for her birthday, I thought I'd have a look and see what the hype was about.

The main gimmick of the bottle is that it has timings written on it to indicate what you should be drinking throughout the day. You are meant to get through a whole bottle by 1pm, refill and do your second bottle by 7pm. They come in a range of different colours and have different slogans on them.

For a water bottle, I think they are expensive at £13.99, and the postage was also not cheap. Part of the reason why I bought myself one at the same time as ordering one for my sister was that I wouldn't have to pay the extortionate postage cost twice.

Hydrate M8 bottle

Hydrate M8 bottle

Although this is a complete gimmick, the timings on the bottle do make you think about how much you drink and it has upped my water intake by a lot. I used to take a single 500ml bottle to work and often didn't even finish that. Now I'm keeping up with the timings pretty much until 5pm when I go home where I tend to start slacking. Also, I don't usually really like sports cap bottles as a lipstick/gloss wear, but I love that this one has a straw attached to the cap so you don't even have to tip the bottle to drink from it. The only down side is I have to visit the toilet a lot more during the day!

Hopefully I'll start to see the benefits of drinking more water with my skin over the coming weeks.

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