Saturday, 11 June 2016

How charming | Kate Spade

Kate Spade tweeted a couple of days ago that they had a sale on, no surprises I went straight to their website as fast as my fingers would allow.

Kate Spade alphabet keychain bag charm

I had a browse through and came across these gorgeous alphabet key chains. I expected the "E" to be out of stock, but as luck would have it, it was not! 

I ordered it on Thursday evening, it was shipped on Friday and it arrived Saturday. A* to Kate Spade for a speedy service. 

Kate Spade alphabet keychain bag charm

It is too pretty to be thrown in my bag on a set of keys, so I decided to use it as a bag charm. Most of my bags have gold hardware, so it goes perfectly. 

The RRP is £35, therefore I was quite pleased to add this to my collection for only £19. I recommend you go check out the sale now before all the best bits are gone.

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