Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Work work work | Work OOTD

I got this dress from ASOS around September time last year. I didn't really wear it through the winter because I don't really like pairing black dresses with black tights, and thick black tights are a must for me through the winter.

When browsing on ASOS last week at their "work wear" collection I saw the dress and thought to myself how nice it looked, then a split second later, I remembered that I actually own it! So I decided to get it out my wardrobe this week and dust it off now that the weather is brightening up.

It is a very simple piece, but looks really smart paired with some black heels. Also, I find a 'hair-up do' adds to the smartness of the look. Not bad for £30 and they also have it in the maternity range for only £25 I noticed when finding the link for this post.

What is your favourite work dress?

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