Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Cheap but quirky eBay tat

I am a bit of a bargain hunter, and have recently taken to doing searches on eBay for "lowest price first" or "ending soonest" in the beauty category. A few weeks ago I came across this...

A waterproof liquid eyeliner in the shape of a Japanese doll. It was so cute and on an auction starting at 1p so I thought I'd try and grab one. After missing out on a few, I eventually picked up this little beauty for 75p. Absolute bargain.

It is not only a pretty decent liquid eyeliner, but looks adorable on my dressing table (on top of my Muji drawers) too!

Tip of the week: love eBay!


  1. I wouldnt have thought to search eBay like that, good tip! :-) x

    1. Hehe, was debating over whether to share this secret or not, as I'll be making more competition for myself! x


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