Sunday, 30 September 2012

DIY False Nails

Boots 200 clear nails:
Nailene Ultra Quick glue:

Back in my Uni days I occasionally experimented with false nails, but I always found they fell off after a day or two so eventually gave in and started going to a salon.

These days I only go to the salon for special occasions because a) it's a bit of an expense when you're a home-owner and b) it weakens your nails so much.

There is still a massive range of false nails in the shops that it got me thinking about having another go at DIY false nails. Then as I seem to do a lot these days I stumbled across a video on YouTube of someone using "Boots 200 Clear False Nails". They looked good because they aren't ridiculously long and are plain for you to paint yourself, which bodes well considering my ever expanding nail varnish collection. The video also mentioned not using the glue that comes with the nails as it's not very strong but using the Nailene Ultra Quick glue. The other good point is that you get 200 nails for £8.50, so the set is going to last you a while. The glue costs about £2.80.

I did my nails last Saturday night, it's now the following Sunday evening (8 days later) and they are still going strong.

Would 100% recommend you try if you want a cheap alternative to salon style nails.

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  1. I cannot believe these are false nails, they do not look it at all! x


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