Friday, 31 May 2013

New MUA nail varnish review

MUA nail varnish:

Since discovering MUA, my makeup collection has been able to grow wildly without me spending wildly. On my courtesy look through the makeup stands in Superdrug yesterday I discovered they had a new nail varnish range out. Cute little bottles with the MUA letters shaped on the glass and a lovely range of bright colours ready for the bright weather (we can but hope), and they only cost £1!

I picked up a lovely bright pink with a hint of orange called Bright Coral and a white called All Nude. Obviously too excited to try one at a time, I tried them together, here are the results.

The colours and great, and so far so good on the chip-free staying power. The brush was a good size and got a nice even coverage of the nail. They were also quite quick to dry. The only downside is that they are quite thin and require 3 coats to ensure that they are opaque. I did 3 coats on the white and only 2 on the coral and I'm regretting that now.

Overall, I'm really happy with them and for £1, I can't really fault them at all, so for that reason I am giving them 5 stars!

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