Friday, 16 August 2013


I want to introduce my beautiful adorable Alfie to the World!

Alfie is a blue moggy tabby kitten (his mum was black and his dad ginger). He has this lovely silver grey colouring with some white and slightly sandy bits. He was born on the 7th May and we got him on the 29th June, so he was nearly 8 weeks old. 

He is just so loveable, at first he waas so shy and scared, but after a few days he started getting more and more used to us, and after a few weeks we introduced him to more and more of the house. Now he follows us around and likes to snuggle up on us for cuddles purring until he falls asleep.

Having never had a cat before I didn't know what to expect, but he brings so much love and happiness. Cats are great pets to have if you work also, as they like to sleep a lot during the day (apparently they sleep about 70% of the day) so they aren't going to miss you too much. But at the same time, we always get a lovely greeting when coming home.

I must admit it isn't all roses and lillies. Being a kitten Alfie can be a little boisterous and can sometimes have bursts of energy when he tears around the place. Also my arms, hands and legs sometimes look like I've been self harming. He doesn't mean to scratch but his claws are sharp and sometimes he doesn't realise he is gripping on to your skin rather than the furniture! The one year old sofa is not in the best shape now as Aflie likes to jump up the back and sides digging his claws into the faux leather so there a dozens of little claw marks. Just as well the cushions are material that don't show marks or it would be a right state. We let him off though as he is so damn adorable.

Alfie has two wet meals a day, breakfast and dinner, and has dry food during the day that he can munch at his leisure. He doesn't tend to drink much water, so we give him a small helping of cat milk each day so he gets a bit of liquid. He uses his litter tray very well, we were fortunate enough that he was already litter trained when we got him and we have only had a couple of wee accidents. *touch wood*

He has had his vaccinations now and been microchipped and we will get him neutered at 6 months, and then we will start to introduce him to the outisde world. We live in a vey quiet area, so hope he'll be alright out and about.

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