Sunday, 1 December 2013

Impress press on manicure review

Impress: ★★★★★

I spotted the Impress press on manicure a couple of years ago in Boots and thought it looked like a great product. However, I did some research online and read a lot of negative reviews about them popping straight off, so I soon forgot my urge to try them.

A couple of months ago as I was browsing through the Latest in Beauty luxury samples I saw they had Impress for £3. The usual retail price is about £7 or £8 I think, so decided I might as well give it a go.

The sample I got was a pink and black zebra type print. Not really my style so I was a bit disappointed. Ever since they have been sitting in a draw unused as I didn't want to apply them for work.

Anyway, I just so happened to finally give them a go this weekend. The set comes with 24 nails, so there is a variety of different sizes for you to pick the ones most suited, and also includes a mini nail file and a nail cleansing pad.

I started off by picking out the sizes I wanted and lining them up, then cleansed my nails one at a time in between applying the nails. I started with my little fingers and worked my way up to the thumbs as advised on the instructions. The application was really easy and only took about 5 minnutes to do both hands. I made sure to press them on quite hard to make sure they were really stuck.

Here is the finished result...

The design was way too lairy for me so I decided to paint black over three on each hand and just leave the print as an accent. I used my Kate Spade Nails Inc polish that I had got with my Glamour mag this month, it only took one coat to cover.

 So, to the review.

I applied the nails on Friday night, it is now Sunday evening and they are still going strong. I have even washed my hair which I find is always a good test with false nails. I would definitely buy these again, especially for an occasion as they add a bit of length and still look quite real and I would recommend to my friends. They should also be pretty easy to remove without damaging my real nails which is a bonus.

If you had been put off trying these because of reading negative reviews, I would say try them yourself and see what you think.

Impress(ed) - I sure am! ;)

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