Monday, 26 May 2014

S.H.E by Sophie Kimono

There are quite a few women online nowdays who make clothes to order. I follow some on facebook and instragram and I love the idea of buying something that not many other people have.

My sister pointed me towards S.H.E by Sopie last year and I have had my eye on her pieces via facebook and instragram ever since. Unlike some of the other brands with a similar set-up Sophie does a much wider variety of garments and the prices are still quite reasonable. (I've loved Alice's Boutique since day one, but with her dresses now averaging at around £100, I'm only going to be window shopping there now).

As Spring neared, my new fashion obsession became kimonos. I decided it was my spring/summer 2014 must have. I browsed online for a while at the usual places; ASOS, New Look, Missguided etc, but couldn't find anything that wowed me. Then one of S.H.E by Sophie's instagram posts caught my eye.

A beautiful bright pink florally kimono, perfect for summer and only £32. I messaged her straight away.

She also posted a picture of four different materials to chose from. I spent a good hour going back and forward between the pink one she had posted and a bluey-green material. I do love me some blue, so after initally asking for the pink, I changed my mind 5 minutes later to the blue.

A week or so later it arrived and I absolutely love it. It is lovely quality with beautiful fabric and it is finished to a professional standard with all the seams and hems neatly stiched with a sewing machine.

I would definitely purchase again from S.H.E by Sophie and I look forward to seeing some more of her summer creations.

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