Saturday, 24 May 2014

Urban Decay Naked 3 palette


If you read my recent post on the Illamasqua sculpting duo, then you would have heard all about Cohorted. If you haven't read it, maybe you have already heard about Cohorted anyway? If you have not heard about Cohorted - go there now (well, after finishing my post :))!

I got the beautiful Urban Decay Naked 3 palette for £18.50, thats 50% off the RRP. I have been extremly satisfied with my MUA palettes over the past few months, but who can't say no to Urban Decay at such a reasonable price?! I know I couldn't and neither could my sister, hehe.

The palette is famous for its long lasting, amazing pigmented rose-hued neutrals. I have never been one for pink neutrals, normally I go for brown/beige neutrals being blonde haired, blue eyed. But I did a little bit of research before buying it, and I saw what an amazing array of looks you can make with it,  for any skin tone and hair colour.

The palette comes not only with 12 amazing eyeshadows but also with a lovely soft double ended brush and four samples of the different primer potions that Urban Decay sell.

You can immediately see from looking and feeling the packaging that this palette is good quality, it looks great and feels pretty robust for sticking in your bag and travelling with. With the range of colours it includes, you can achieve so many different looks from light girly day-time to evening dark smokey eyes.

The eyeshadows have pretty good staying power and last well throughout the day. The brush is pretty decent too. I haven't actually tried the primer potion yet, but I have high hopes.

In summary I am sooooo glad I finally have an Urban Decay palette and I can see why it is raved about. However, if it wasn't for the discount, I can't say I'd actually spend £37.50 on one. For me that is just crazy money to spend on makeup, for other people maybe not.

So, thank you Cohorted, what a bargain!

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