Sunday, 16 November 2014

Herbalife Skin review

I first heard about Herbalife Skin via Facebook (I am FB friends with a girl who makes dresses and has recently started selling Herbalife). She claimed that she used this 7 day results kit and it changed her skin and made it look amazing. Being someone who has struggled with my skin since puberty, a claim like this made my ears prick up. 

She was selling it for £20 plus P&P, but I found another distributor via eBay (shh) who did it a couple of pounds cheaper. For what you get in the kit (3 small tubes and 4 sachets), it's bloody expensive! 

The kit contains:
Mini Soothing Aloe Cleanser 50ml 
Mini Daily Glow Moisturiser 15ml 
Mini Replenishing Night Cream 15ml 
Firming Eye Gel Packette – 2 x 2ml 
Hydrating Eye Cream Packette – 2 x 2ml

Herbalife, skin, 7 day results kit

 It arrvied a few days later and at this point I started to wonder how a cleanser and a couple of moisturisers could have any major impact on my skin. Not even a toner?!

Still, I thought I'd give it a go, after all I had spent my hard-earned cash on this. So for 7 days straight I used nothing but the kit. 

A couple of days in I had a spot breakout on my forehead. I kept going though, put it down to the possiblity of monthly hormones. The Herbalife rep actually messaged me on day 5 to ask how it was going (and if I'd like any full sized products!). I told her about the breakout, and she likened it to when you get a facial, that the products bring out all of the impurities first.

It is now day 9. The breakout on my forehead is still there - not any worse, but not any better.

Maybe if the kit came with a bit more, like a toner, or a face scrub it might be a bit more effective for spot prone skin. But for me, it's not really done much good.

I'll finish the kit, but wont be ordering any full size products.

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