Saturday, 16 April 2016

MAC Mehr lipstick

I've just jumped on the MAC lipstick bandwagon and I have a feeling that my collection is going to grow.

I've had a wish list for a while with lots of different shades that I add to after watching YouTube videos or reading blogs. I always browse eBay for a good deal and I managed to get my hands on Mehr last week for only a tenner. You may turn your nose up at me buying MAC from eBay with all the potential fakes out there, but I did my research. First off, I messaged the buyer to confirm the authenticity and they assured me it was. A lot of the fake sellers will ignore these messages as they will be in huge trouble with eBay if they do indeed be found out to sell fakes after denying it. Or they will word their response carefully so it does not confirm authenticity. I felt this buyer was being honest. Secondly I read numerous articles about how to tell a fake and when I received the lipstick it matched up with what to look out for with the 'real'. 

MAC Mehr

When I first tried on Mehr, initially I didn't think I'd like it, I thought it was a bit too red. I headed back to the Internet in search of photos and inspiration to try and make it work for me. In some pictures it reminded me of my Rimmel lip liner in Eastend snob, so I thought I'd give it a go with the liner. The result was a new found love! 

MAC Mehr

I've been wearing the combo the last couple of days; to work and just out and about and it's a really wearable colour.

I am definitely a fan.

What colour should I get next?


  1. Hi Emma, don't know whether you saw my comment but what about a review of Scholls' pedi range? Might be interesting to try and a review I'd like to hear :) just an idea though

    1. I did, thanks for the ideas. I asked for a Scholl mini pedi for my last birthday, but I got a Micropedi instead. I'll try and work on something including that in the near future.


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