Monday, 4 April 2016

OPI Nail Envy review

I recently bought the OPI Nail Envy in Hawaiian Orchid after seeing a picture of it on Instagram and falling in love with the colour. At the time, the fact that it was a nail strengthener never really entered my mind. I'd tried various nail strengthening potions in the past and never found they'd made a shred of difference. It was purely all about the colour.

OPI Nail envy
OPI Nail Envy Hawaiian Orchid

I applied Hawaiian Orchid practically as soon as it landed on my door step. I'd never tried OPI before, so it immediately struck me how great the formula is and how much I love the shape and size of the pot - its really easy to hold and apply. Although it seemed thinner than a regular nail varnish when on, it was opaque after two coats and the colour was as I'd hoped for; a beautiful dusty pink.

I headed back to the Internet to see what other colours they did in the range and came across Bubble Bath. The pictures I saw of it, made it look like a lovely opaque pale pink, my thinking was perfect for spring.

OPI Nail Envy
Top: Hawaiian Orchid, Bottom: Bubble Bath

When Bubble Bath arrived, I did think it didn't look as pink as I'd imagined it would from the pictures, it is more of a nudey pink. I was slightly disappointed when applying it to realise it was not going to be opaque after all like I'd hoped for. The photos above are with three coats of Bubble Bath and you can still see my natural nail underneath.

However, after my initial disappointment with the colour it struck me a few days later how healthy my nails were looking. Throughout my teenage years and my twenties I'd struggled with nail biting and had weak nails that peeled and would easily break probably as a result of that. I haven't been so bad the past couple of years, but my nails always still seemed weak and would break easily. But all of a sudden I have noticed that I have some length to all of my nails and no breakages. I can only attribute it to Nail Envy, a miracle worker in a small bottle.

If you have problems with weak, breakable nails I would definitely recommend you try this. I now intend to buy the original Nail Envy to use as a base coat under all of my other nail polishes.


  1. Hi Emma! With summer nearly upon us, I just wanted to know what your favourite colours are to wear on your fingers and toes? Great blog by the way :) x

    1. Hey, thanks for reading. For summer my go to colours would be bright pinks and corals. They go with any outfit and complement a tan really well. What do you go for? x

    2. I like bright red or blue a lot, will you have any manicure/ pedicure articles coming any time soon? X

    3. I love blue too! Yes definitely have some nail posts on the way. Pedicures in the next couple of months, so keep an eye out x

    4. Do you find you normally match your finger nail colour to your toes? Seeing as you're a teacher do you have a lot of opportunity to get your toes out to show off your pedicures? X

    5. Haha, it is quite rare for me to match actually. I find polish lasts a lot longer on the toes, so I don't have to update it as frequently. But if I was going on holiday or to a special event I would make the effort to match.


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