Monday, 2 July 2012

Barry M nail polish - hands (and feet) above the rest?

Barry M nail polish range:

Barry M seems to be leaps and bounds above other nail polish brands in 2012. Not only do they do stunning high fashion colours, but they also have a growing range of special effect nail polishes. The first one I came across was the Instant Nail Effects Crackle. I bought this when it first came out and they only did it in black, but now they have a handful of colours which make it ridiculously easy to apply this very effective crackling style. You paint your nails as usual with a couple of coats of your chosen colour, then brush the crackle polish over the top. As it dries you see it crack before your eyes, leaving behind an impressive looking pattern.

Barry M nail effects crackle

The next nail effect I came across was the Foil Effect. I have previously used Rimmel silver nail varnish and somehow Barry M seems to have the edge here. Their colour is just on another level of shimmeryness! It looks like you are wearing nails foils, rather than nail polish.

Barry M, BarryM, nail polish, varnish

The most recent one I have purchased is the Magnetic Effect in blue. (And also made my friend buy it on a recent shopping trip and bought it for my sister - Barry M should give me royalties!) You put a base coat of the colour on, then when you do the second coat, you hover the magnet (detachable from the lid) over the wet nail and it creates a pattern as shown on the magnet itself.

This currently comes in blue, black, red and purple and each colour comes with a different magnet pattern - a great incentive to buy all four!

I've only just come across the Chameleon Colour Changing polish and not yet had a chance to try it. But it seems the general idea is that it works with the Barry M clear polish whereby anywhere you apply it, the colour changes. This is definitely going to be worth a look this summer, as nail art seems to be getting bigger and bigger.

Finally I would just like to mention Barry M's non-effect colour range. They have some absolutely stunning colours and I'm particularly loving the pastel colours that are so on trend for SS12, especially mint and peach melba. Also Berry Ice Cream (lilac) and Blue Moon (baby blue) which my sister and I would have once referred to as "tipex blue" in days gone by are definitely worth a look. In fact, there's so much choice, that I'm tempted to buy five pastel colours and do a different one on each nail.

Well done Barry M for staying ahead of the "nail polish" game and keeping our nails looking fresh and extremely fashionable all year long! xx


  1. Very nice review of all the Barry M effects!
    Enjoy trying out the Chameleon varnish!


  2. Thanks Sophie, you've really got me into nail effects and nail art now! x


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