Monday, 9 July 2012

Spot/Stripe nails with Barry M

Ever since coming across Cute.A.S.Nails blog I've been inspired to make my nails look more arty rather than just sticking with a single colour. My latest experiment is my spot/stripe nails.

I started off by doing two coats of Shocking Pink across 8 nails and two coats of Indigo (both Barry M) on my ring fingers.

Then on one ring finger I did spots, the other I did stripes and alternated it across both hands. I did the spots free-hand with the nail polish brush, so some are a bit uneven. I used the tape method from my "Laser Nails" blog to do the stripes.

Finished result in the pictures here, not a bad effort if I do say so myself.

Barry M Shocking Pink spot/stripe nail polish varnishBarry M Indigo spot/stripe nail polish varnish


  1. Love these, think they look great especially for a first attempt! Going to give these a go and blog about them soon. x

  2. Maybe you could do a blog review explaining how to do something like this:

    I would love the help, I defo want to try out 'gradients' with a sponge. x


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