Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tresemmé Split Remedy

Tresemmé Split Remedy ★★★★★

With my latest ASOS purchase came some free samples of the new TRESemmé Split Remedy range. I got the shampoo, conditioner and some of the leave in treatment.

My hair is long overdue a trim and therefore I have plenty of split ends that need help.

The first thing I noticed on opening is the scent, it smells delicious. I'm a big fan of Herbal Essences for that reason and this product range certainly ticks that box.

When applying the shampoo I noticed straight away that it lathered really well. Then the conditioner made my hair tangle free. After my shower, before drying my hair, I used the leave-in treatment in place of where I'd normally use serum. It actually went on a lot better than serum, and made my hair feel even more smooth and tangle free.

Couple of hours on and my hair has been dried as straightened. Even after this one application it does feel a lot smoother and although the split ends are still there (it can't work complete miracles) I can hardly see any of the white ends; the ones where it's about to split. My hair looks less dry ad a lot more silky, without looking greasy.

TRESemmé Split Remedy, hair, shampoo, conditioner, leave in treatment, hairdressers
TRESemmé Split Remedy
It's now that day after and my hair is still feeling smooth and still looks fresh. I will definitely be buying the full sized versions of this product range when I next head to the shops!

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