Monday, 13 August 2012

Rimmel Matte Finish Nail Polish

Rimmel Matte Finish: ★★★★★

Rimmel Matte Finish Nail Polish turns your nails from this...

Rimmel Pear Drop nail polish varnish

To this..!

I absolutely love the effect of the matte top coat. I first discovered this top coat on where it was used on black with a polka dot pattern. See below... looks quality don't you think?!, crafty ninja, blog, essie, rimmel, matte, nails

Then Rimmel bought out an affordable version (which by the way Tesco have on sale at the mo for £2.29) so I bought it. Definitely worth a purchase for all you nail geeks out there!

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  1. I cannot believe it is on offer at tesco, i need it! Looks so cool, i love the effect x


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