Friday, 31 August 2012

Triangle nails

Ease: ★★★★★
Effectiveness: ★★★★★

This is my last post in August. Since I started this blog a short while ago, I've clocked up just over 400 views. Thanks to everyone who has read and commented on my posts.

Anyway, back to business...

I saw this style of manicure on the Cute.A.S.Nails blog recently and decided it was something that a person of my novice nail skills could do.

I used my Rimmel nail varnish that I've mentioned before in previous blogs. I started off with a couple of coats of the marshmallow heaven, then used the matte finish top coat. Once it was fully dry I taped the points on the nails and used a thick coat of pear drop to create the triangles.

This is the finished result!


  1. Ahh thank you. It's so hard to get decent close-up photos using my phone camera, so doesn't really do the colours justice! x


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