Friday, 10 August 2012

Making high heels comfortable - Insolia vs. Airplus Save My Soles

Insolia: ★★★★★
Airplus Save my Soles: ★★★

I love a pair of high heels as much as the next women. I don't know if it's just me, but have you noticed that in the past year or so all of the decent high heels are higher than ever?!

A couple of months ago I bought a gorgeous pair of shoes from Miss Selfridge to wear to a wedding. I had to have this pair as not only were they sooo nice but they were the perfect colour to go with my dress. The heels on them were ridiculously high though. I've used Scholl Party Feet before numerous times and have never felt that they make any noticeable difference. So I took to the Internet to try and find a way to help my poor feet stand this height (haha) for the duration of the wedding. After all, other girls seem to manage, so why can't I? What is their secret?!

The first product I came across was "Insolia". They are an insert that claim to transfer your weight from the ball of your foot to the heel making you able to wear your high heels for 3 times longer. They are not full length inserts, they only go about half the length of your shoe and you actually stick them on the heel end rather than the front. Also another point to note is that it's not a one size fits all, you need to buy them for your shoes size.

I put my shoes on at around mid-day and the inserts must have worked as I managed to wear them until about 8pm when I switched to my flat sandals after spending a while on the dance floor.I was pretty happy with that result. However, I did still have sore feet the next day, so thought I'd try something different for my next pair of heels.

Another new pair of heels arrived in my life that I had to have, again rather high! This time I ordered Airplus Save My Soles. These are one size fits all and they are an insert that goes the length of your shoe. They claim to provide "extra cushioning at heel and ball-of-foot for targeted relief".

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These do make your shoes feel more comfortable on first impressions. However, due to the fact that they go the full length of your shoe I found that they made my court shoes really tight around the toe end and ended up causing slight blisters. I certainly wouldn't have been able to wear my shoes all day at a wedding using these. Bare in mind, these were new court shoes, so probably slightly tight anyway, so I'll wear them in a bit more and then maybe update the rating if I change my opinion on them at all.

For me the winner is Insolia!

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